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Engr. David Umeano


Hon. David Umeano scored Distinction in the standard six school certificate examination in 1960 from St. James central school, Nanka. He graduated from Anglican Grammar School, Nsukka in 1965 with a Grade one certificate in WASCE. By 1975, he gained his B.sc (honors) degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. After his NYSC program in a construction company, he went into private practice where fortune smiled on him.

Hon. Umeano is a grassroots man. He has shown keen interest in community service and also public service.

He was president of Nanka Students Union (1972-1974).He was also co-founder of Udodimma Age Grade, Amakor Nanka, which has so far been the pivot of development efforts in that erosion-ravaged village. He is also presently a member of Elders’ Advisory forum of Nanka Patriotic Union (Nigeria). David was able to do so much because of his community service background: His father, Umeano Ezeokeke, was a well-known traditional Herbalist, Healer and community Historian, who used his gifted Art in saving the lives of many persons in Nanka and far and wide, and also in solving many spiritual problems.

Hon. David Umeano has attracted a federal Government Water project to Nanka and Oko communities. Half-way through, the contractor abandoned the project and disappeared into the thin air. But he engaged a vigorous crusade to the ICPC at Abuja.

Eventually, his crusades yielded result in the execution of the projects, thereby enabling the poor and the downtrodden to fetch water from the nearby taps, instead of from the dangerous ravines.

Hon. David is a man with a deeply spiritual attitude to life. He has given lectures to students’ organizations and neighboring communities. In such cases, he has always given spiritual and moral dimensions where human beings are concerned

Hon. David is a man with a lot of political sense. His advice on political and social issues is known to be sound by people who are competent enough to judge. He had contested and was elected to the position of Vice-Mayor of Abuja municipal Area council in Federal Capital Territory. (1991-1993).

Hon David is a fellow of the Nigerian Institute of Industrialists & Corporate Administrators (FNICA). He is a consultant Engineer and a project Director. He has chaired many Environmental impact Assessment Review panels of Federal Ministry of Environment on various projects in the Niger-Delta Region.  Presently, he is the chairman and chief executive Officer of Dunn-tra Agencies (Nig.) Ltd and the Founder and National Coordinator of Dunns Rural Industrialization program (DRIP), an Environment focused NGO introducing Vetiver Systems Technology for the control of Erosions.